About SnowGecko

The quick and easy winter traction aid

SnowGecko is the quick & easy solution for icy and snowy roads. Snow Gecko is made of high tech textile fibres and much easier and quicker to use than any metal snow chain you have used before! It fits even on cars where snow chains must not be mounted.

  • SnowGecko are textile ‘socks’ for extra grip on ice and snow
  • Special “GripTech” fabric maximises dry friction grip
  • Quick and easy to fit / remove - fitted in under 2 minutes
  • Machine washable and reusable time and again
  • Quiet in use, no vibration, and may be used with all electronic systems
  • Can be used on tyres where there is “No fit” for snow chains

SnowGecko in action

Fitting SnowGecko

Snow Gecko product packaging

Be prepared this winter

Keep a set in the car and have the confidence you won't get stuck in even the most severe winter weather conditions.

Application guide teaser

SnowGecko application guide

Check our easy application guide against your tyre size to find the perfect SnowGecko for your car.

SnowGecko is distributed in the UK and Ireland by John Jordan Limited
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